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of my batteries and the Phottix batteries are smaller and lighter than Vagabond batteries. X100F with wide and tele adapters? Sorkin cant, or rather his intellectual elitist egotism wont let him see that. Id rather put 10,000 into a GFX kit. The good old days werent always good, but their core values were: a country that cherished the rights of the individual over the rights of the state, that trusted God, not Government, as their ultimate arbiter of morality. . Firstly, my vote on the best answer goes to the guy who said Freedom twice. Id love to get to a point in my life where I have one bag of cameras and one bag of lights and thats. If I kept using one thing wishing I had a different option for it then its gone. Its of a new show The Newsroom, on HBO, staring Jeff Daniels, and written and directed by the guy who gave us the idealized version of a democratic administration in The West Wing, Aaron Sorkin. It can get the job done but when you are hired to shoot medium format it would be nice to have a medium format as a backup if needed. I wanted to make a complete switch to the Indra system but I needed to make sure they survive living in checked bags, the batteries could get me through a full shoot day, and I needed to financially be able to afford. I do love that camera so much. All I need is one more Indra 500 to complete my lighting kit. Better build quality, cleaner light, Bowens mount, one trigger. I know we are probably of like minds on this, but let me vent here. Ive shot a lot of stuff with. Lights : My current lights are a mix of Alien Bees, Einsteins, Phottix Indras (1 500 and 1 360 Phottix Mitros, and Lumopro LP180s. That could all fit into one bag and it would be enough to do so much. Thats three different mounts, speedrings, two trigger systems, etc, etc, etc. I *think* Im getting a loaner soon. So, despite Mr Gowers excitable paper tendencies, Andrew Littles comments that Northland voters may wish to vote to send a signal to the government is not a dirty deal. The other downside is the need for a 300 AC adapter if you want to run the lights off wall power. I cant tell you how much I hate charging batteries. My son, Caleb, has been shooting a lot in the last year and hes a 95 studio photographer. I hope all of you are well! No seriously, watch it now. My current Phase One kit has the 80mm LS (leaf shutter 55mm LS, and 150mm along with two extension tubes.

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So heres my take, interview With Mikael Cho January. And 56 lenses along with an X100. I have thoughtfully considered that ink and it is still an option on the table. I am really chomping at the bit to add that to my medium format bag. I could add two or three hotshoe flashes and be done.

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Youve got to check out the clip below. Thats all coming to an end and this is how Im going to deal with. Theres a real difference but the significance of that difference is lost on left wing idealists who live gaff tape doesnt work on paper in Hollywood and DC and have no comprehension of starting and running a small business.

The downside to the Phottix system is that the most powerful strobe is 500 w/s but, honestly, I havent run into an issue yet where I ran out of power with the Indra.But hes wrong to compare Labour in Northland to National in Epsom for three reasons.Jeff Daniels is woefully ignorant (or rather Aaron Sorkin who apparently wrote the monologue) of what Freedom actually means, and is completely oblivious to things like socialism, government regulation, personal liberty, etc.


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I regularly need two strobes.But information without the will and the moral wisdom to act on it is useless.