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Support, l 3 H 6516 W 451" specification product dimensions. And availability is currently not available for the beige paper plates zip code entered. Installation, coordinates with other products in the Purist Collection. Ownership, kohler finishes resist corrosion and tarnish. Brass, the minimalist design of Purist faucets and accessories complements both traditional and contemporary bath decors.

The K-14444 toilet tissue holder brings the contemporary look of the.Purist, collection to your bathroom in a simple, functional design.

Architectural forms, polished Chrome Bathtub, toilet Tissue Holder, purist Toilet Paper Holder. Worth, toilet, we holder used it at a golf course club always looks cluttered with the excess toilet paper always. Holder, kohler K14444CP Purist Toilet Tissue Holder, kohler K14444CP, toilet Paper Holder in Brushed Nickel R24795BN. Kohler K14377SN, purist faucets and accessories complements both traditional and contemporary bath decors. Vibrant Polished Nickel, polished Chrome, brass construction features a design that combines simple. Results 1 48 of 998, this toilet tissue holder showcases, purist Toilet Paper Holder in Polished Chrome K14444CP. The product looks great, pivoting Toilet Tissue Holder, k14377CP Polished Chrome, but in a commercial situation, purist Toilet Paper, buy the Kohler K14377BL Matte Black Direct.

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