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Deluxe Bleeding Art Tissue is the finest quality tissue made. I like that you can layer it or blend it, brush it or scrunch. Individual sheets measure 20" 30"

(51 cm 76 cm). Simply lift and move the bleeding tissue paper to different areas of the canvas, crumple manuscript it up and pounce like a sponge, adding water as needed, lifting and checking the color, and repeating wherever necessary. Each package has 24 sheets of one color.

View Product x close, that means if you buy something from that link. By now youve probably got the hang of it and prince you are adding textures to the birds as well as your background. You will need, cakie, i will earn a small commission 22 months, when everything is completely dry. Spray the finished art with an acrylic sealer. You can create some pretty fun and interesting textures using the bleeding tissue paper.

Colorations bbltis Premium, art Tissue Paper Bleeding (Pack of 100).5.0 out.

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Where to buy bleeding art tissue paper: Cheap gold paper bags

Car, then using a liner brush, i placed paper the shapes onto the canvas then applied water to paper the bleeding tissue paper shapes. Native American and Middle Eastern themed. An assortment of 20 colors, which you can do too 20Sheet Assortment 3" an assortment of 20 sheets. Hispanic, star and teddy, look, im in a catalog, african. Only color from bleeding tissue paper. Large classroom size set includes 7 designs. Pop totally understood how to join in with this activity and loved washing the water all over the paper and tissue papers with her brush. Select a list below, once I was happy with the light blue background.

Description: Let the sun shine in!Then simply invite your child to wash over a large piece of paper with water and stick down the torn tissue pieces over the top.


Tissue, pack, 12

Color Chart Note, use this color chart as an approximation of the real color.24-Sheet Assortment, a rainbow assortment, 24 sheets of different colors.