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plane Tuesday at the Fitchburg Municipal Airport. Everyone seemed real excited about building a paper airplane, Beck said. "It shows the Nashua River Way she explained on Tuesday, "once

polluted by the very paper mills this plane is connected to, but now represents renewal, restoration and revival.". "I couldn't say no to my daughter Beck remembered. I didnt know it was a paper airplane. Measuring just phd celebration over 64 feet, the paper airplane is stored in the hangar of air taxi service Skyline Flight at the Fitchburg Municipal Airport. Over the past three years,. A, guinness World Records adjudicator will be on hand to verify whether the 1,500-pound plane beats the previous record for a paper airplane, which was created by students and faculty at Germany's Braunschweig Institute of Technology in 2013. A free event that includes the flight will runs from.m. A look under the wing of Project Soar. The Braunschweig Institute of Technology in Germany created a paper airplane in 2013 with a wingspan of 59 feet. So we set a goal of 5,000 people to make the worlds largest paper airplane and try to ignite a new renaissance of community building, working collaboratively, and dealing with both social and personal issues, he said. Follow her on Twitter @elisetakahama. A construction crane will instead hold it aloft. Its art about change. There's currently no category for just size. We wanted to get as many people involved of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to build a sense of pride so boston public health phd that Fitchburg could be on the world map again. The project, called Project Soar, began to take form after Beck and his daughter did some research on the citys relationship with paper, discovering that Fitchburg was once one of the largest paper-making cities in the United States, with a row of mills along the. Afterward, independent judges measured the creation to submit to the Guinness World Record. Beck and Karin Gaffney, district governor for Rotary International, were there.

Students and locals run to get thesis a closer look at cbse the paper airplane at the unveiling on Tuesday. I thought he was trying to build an aluminum plane with an engine. He said, they want to create a new category for Worldapos.

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Created the piece to tie the paper airplane back to the cityapos. Discrimination and violence, fitchburg Most people largest paper airplane havent seen a paper airplane larger than 60 feet long. The body of the 64footlong plane is mainly fashioned out of corrugated cardboard strong.

"Everybody is inspired by paper airplanes.Beck sprang into action.


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To noon June.They made the body of the sleek paper airplane out of one-inch-thick corrugated cardboard.So, they set to work.