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Teachers can only encourage students to be self-aware of the environmental and self-states which most support their learning and to attempt to ensure that that they are optimal

when homework is being completed. It will generally focus on simple skills and material or on the integration of skills already possessed by the student" (p. There has been some concern that girls in learning to conform to the conventions of school education, handing in work on time and remaining on task have completed excessive amounts of homework in response to school demands. This distinction did not apply to women who, while holding a job, still worked in the domestic role at home. Pupils, in undertaking homework, inevitably give up other possible activities and this can cause conflict (Black 1990). Pupils in the UK and the US believe that homework helps them to do well at school (Black 1990; Keys et al 1995) and that they sometimes learn a lot from it (MacBeath and Turner 1990 although 8 of primary and 13 of secondary pupils. Most pupils said that they enjoyed homework at least sometimes, although a sizeable proportion from primary schools (26) and secondary schools (30) reported that they never enjoyed. My parents are both professors in the educational psychology and special education fields, so I have heard their views on education all my life. Again, Cooper provides recommendations about the length of homework. He says the following (p. Homework was designed to build on skills covered extensively in class. In the communities where their research was undertaken, men tended to maintain a clearer distinction between time at work and time off work when they relaxed. Which ones are confusing or frustrating? For years I have never fully understood my parents' celebrations of or concerns about my education. At primary level, when asked what was the best thing about homework, most pupils specified a particular subject. Where teachers fail to mark homework and provide appropriate formative feedback to students about how their work might be improved pupils perceive limited benefit in completing. MacBeath and Turner (1990) established that pupils adopt different patterns of doing homework. Low achieving students often preferred to eat, drink and to move about while doing homework compared to their high achieving peers, while students who perceived their homework achievement level as high tended to prefer a well lit room and formal design and organisation of furniture. Gender differences, a number of studies have commented on gender differences in relation to homework. Pupils resented work set above or below their ability, criticised teachers who catered for the lowest common denominator and felt that good teachers individualised homework. Students who have no help at home, therefore, are at a total disadvantage and their grades might falter because of this lack of assistance. Conclusions, generally, students seem to believe that homework is important in assisting them to do well at school. When a teacher assigns homework incorporating information that was just recently taught or not taught at all, it puts a tremendous amount of stress on students. Comparisons with other participating countries revealed that many more English children than those from other participating countries were not set homework. If we assume that we know how to do the homework we are assigned, we should be able to complete it in a reasonable amount of time. Secondary students who spent more time on homework spent less time on watching TV and time on homework was related to test scores but TV viewing and test scores were not directly related.

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If students do not want to study. Where pupils are grouped by manual booklet paper ability homework is likely to be differentiated. Taken together with the evidence from the. With age, for boys, students became better able to identify when music was distracting them from their work and were more inclined to take steps to remove the music. More males than females reported that they did their homework with an adult figure present.

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Pupils often report that homework has little relationship to the work in hand. And that there is a lack of pupilteacher interaction resulting in poor feedback Le Metais 1985. Marked late, with more research paper art topics educationally oriented and supportive home backgrounds tended to do more homework. Keith et al 1993 found an indirect effect. This may be because the styles and approaches investigated are at a level which is too superficial. Some teachers have been sufficiently convinced of the value of music for enhancing their pupilsapos.

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These students are not always procrastinatorsthey just simply cannot do it all.For reading, "once a month" homework was associated with a lower attitude rating.


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Students: Tell us how effective you think your homework.Self-concept measures were slightly related to the reported amounts of homework.We have to make time to eat dinner and complete our chores.