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each blade onto one another in an even circular fashion, lining up the holes. 10 of 46, patriotic Dog Bow Tie, with this festive red, white, and blue bow tie, your pooch will be the star of your Fourth of July celebrations. Read on to see how we made them! These red, white, and blue decorations will add a festive touch to any Memorial Day or Fourth of July celebration. 35 of 46 Food Flags Plant red, white, and blue banners in your burgers - and anything else you're bringing to the picnic table this Fourth of July. Box-pleated bunting adds a crowning touch to a gazebo or other outdoor structure. Round the intersecting corner. Then, draw two lines connecting the tip of the perpendicular line to the bottom corners of the sheet. Instagram, Facebook and, twitter, and sign up for a membership to join our crafting community today. An easy-to-make addition to the front door, this festive doormat is perfect for last-minute Fourth of July decorating. Swipe here for next slide, use our templates to make these adhesive stars, which transform a basic enamel bucket into a fun picnic beverage station. Fashion a set of red, white, and blue napkin rings in no time. Swipe here for next slide 41 of 46 Red, White, and Blue Badminton Net A badminton face-off is much more fun at a net embellished with flag bunting. Simply fasten the four-inch-wide strips with peel-off Velcro dots. These traditional window swags recall 19th-century whistle-stop campaigns. Create daytime fireworks with these festive star medallions. On the left half of the triangle, draw a large scalloped wing. Choose a slide, photography: Juliana Sohn, these red, white, and blue decorations will add a festive touch to any Memorial Day or Fourth of July celebration. Start by partially term paper writing outline filling a 2-by-10-inch cellophane bag with blue candies to stand in for stars.

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Layer the L segments of each blade on top of one another. On the right half of the triangle. These Fourth of July tissuepaper fans make a breezy addition to a porch or a gazebo. Lias australia very first paper flower was the paper rose. Garlands and festive straws that incorporate the colors and elements of the American flag.

Find fun Disney-inspired art and craft ideas for kids of all agesincluding holiday and seasonal crafts, decorations, and more.Mexican paper star ornaments!

Full Bloom Rose Template, punched Luminarias, ll make you dizzy. Measure 4 from the base of the triangle and draw a line parallel to the base. With a height," draw a line, placed atop a twotiered cake stand to form a minicupcake monument. And pull it snug, liven up your table by making pompoms and table runners inspired by fireworks.

Photography: Johnny Miller When a honeycomb garland is cut in half, the flat side will sit flush against a serving piece, creating a festive food display.Set the table for a whole season of festive cookouts by giving it a new summer coat.


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In this in-depth and easy-to-follow video tutorial, she teaches you how to make her classic paper roses, as well as a newer, larger style.Add a touch of hot glue around the hole of each layer until the stack of blades are all connected.Template (download below frosted Text Weight Paper in Coral 3/4 Ball 20-gauge Floral Wire, floral Tape.