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covered in gold leaf! Suehirogane is located in front of the tree which is about 400 years old. Be early to avoid crowds. Ranked #4 for Buddhist temples in

Kyoto "great when the sunlight shines and the temple reflects. Now I will introduce you to a strange amulet. There are a small cafe that offer outside or inside Japanese house. Amazing how one temple made of gold attracted so many to see. Upvoted 1 day ago, how beautiful it is! It's worth seeing but not worth going to see. There are a lot of street stalls and cherry trees. If you buy it, please touch to Suehirogane, and the amulet will get the power of Suehirogane. Should be in must see list. Lovely place but very crowded. It has a rounded shape due to river erosion and it has a strong magnetic force. In fact, this shrine is the most famous site of cherry blossoms which represents Kyoto. Good luck in exams, safety in traffic, prosperity in business and finding someone to marry all types of good fortune that can be obtained from a small amulet the Japanese omamori. Closes at 5 pm, beautiful. I don't know why So beauty. The pouch is usually tied with a small string. Go early (like before 0800) and enjoy the lovely grounds before hoards of tourists descend later in the morning. Thas why it is said that you get its energy if you touch this stone. This is the largest rock of magnetite in Japan and it has two names: Beitetsu and Suehirogane. . In the past, a lot of cherry trees weredonated to this shrine by some nobles in order to pray for the prosperity of their families. One of them is dolls of a squirrel, because a squirrel is the messenger of Hirano shrine. This shrine is not so famous, but it has a long history and differs from any other shrine in some respects.

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This paper law contains a detailed look at omamori and its history. Just before it closes, less crowd nice light of the pavilion in the sunset. Originally the site of this shrine was very large. Beautiful golden temple nicely reflected on the lake. And Kinkakuji Temple was also included on the site. This amulet was purchased from Tenryuji in Kyoto 1 of 17 unesco World Heritage sites in Kyoto. See where I took this photo on Google Maps. Super famous 2012 by Rina Hashiguchi, reflection architecture beautiful temple kyoto station gardens 15 more admission how ticket is a nice amulet style paper 240 Photos, filter.

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An entrance fee is required to get. But very busy, the temple is amazing, kts anzen traffic safety. The 7 types of omamori, with the crowd, yaku yoke protection from evil 7 Tips" The court rank of this shrine is high. These, anzan healthy pregnancy and safe delivery paper octopus decorations of newborn. The pavilion is really the highlight but as a sole destination not interesting enough after all the other temples and shrines in Kyoto. They are usually then kept either on the person usually in a wallet in the home or car. Golden pavilion is perfect Take Express bus from Kyoto Station and make a 3040 min stop in nijoji Castle.

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Location of this photo: Loading map.This piece of wood is the actual amulet which has been blessed.


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I got a tasty black sesame ice cream.It happened in 2012.People who visit this shrine are very few because it is not so famous, so you will be able to refresh yourself.