Paper reindeer. How to make a lantern with tissue paper

candle. After you have the ends stapled together, you can then go back over the joined edges with clear tape. It will take a couple of minutes to fill

the lantern with hot air. When the lantern is ready to hang, you will run the lamp cord through this loop, tying a knot underneath to hold the lantern in place. Source: Martha Stewart Living, June 2011. Add a small amount of water to the paint on the paper plate. Decorate your lantern (optional). Make sure you have some left for tissue additional structuring. For more information on watercolor painting, visit How to Paint With Watercolors. Its a nice way to come together and celebrate the season. Place it in a lid from a jar or on tin foil. 25 If you are using watercolor paints, add a tiny bit of paint to a paper plate. Wrap each end around the wood to secure. Warnings If you decide to solder your wire together, make sure to use the proper protective gear such as gloves, goggles, and an apron. If you want a polygonal lantern, either find a suitable object to wrap the wire around or make a unique mold out of scrap materials. Lay the third unfolded sheet directly on top, gluing the second and third walls together on one side only. Using a sharp utility knife and ruler, cut two strips, each 1/4-inch wide by 24 inches long. Did you try these steps? You can also use printer paper, or card stock, depending on the materials you have available. Most of the supplies can be found around the house and only takes a couple of hours to complete. This may result in fire. 15 16 Once you are done, let the structure have a few minutes to dry completely. A wall cut from the template, unfolded.

How to make a lantern with tissue paper. Scientific subjects for research papers

Pliers or tongs, t soak the program top where the clothespins are the paper is weak when wet and can easily tear. Scissors, make a solid crease, it can be found at some hardware stores and online. Acrylic or watercolor paint optional. So paper shine your light through the still dark night.

Lift the lantern and turn it over.Apply glue to the back side and smooth the tissue paper over the back.Trim away excess tissue paper.

math phd brandeis 5 Cut out strips of paper. Rolling the frame on top and pressing together with your fingers. Step Five, wire, lanterns often have characters or designs painted onto how to write a thesis for a successful students the sides. Gluing the two sheets together on one side only.

Ensure that your frame can easily slip off of whatever you are using as a template for shape.Repeat the previous step, except this time, wrap the second strip on the bottom of the lantern.Dip your brush into the paint and dab it onto the construction paper in small brushstrokes.


Paper Lantern and Explore By Night With

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