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or five year contracts for paper towels. You can have shorter sheet lengths in bathrooms where use is controlled. In this case, long term contracts may have a price

escalator to protect the supplier from rises in paper production costs. Include costs for: dispensers, installation, labor for dispenser dispenser maintenance and towel replacement, storage requirements, towel supplies and disposal. Dispensers that hold 800 feet rolls as well as stub rolls (partially used rolls) are the most cost-effective in maintenance terms. Roll towel production is faster than folded towel manufacture because cutting, folding and some packaging operations are unnecessary. Optimum dispenser specifications are: type: universal capacity: up to 800 feet roll with.5 foot stub roll width: accepts standard 7-7/8 to 8-1/2 inch wide roll core holder: accepts standard 1-1/2 inch core activator: automatic by pulling towel for ADA sites, or lever. Dispensers should be designed to hold 400 feet of toweling at a minimum although 800 feet rolls are the optimum choice to reduce maintenance costs. In busy public restrooms, maintenance staff put 500 folded towels into each dispenser every day. Mixed postconsumer office paper is a common feedstock whether recycled towels are bleached, semi-bleached or natural. Thinner grades are produced, down to., but the wet strength additives used to strengthen light-weight paper reduce absorbency. (Originally published in Resourceful Purchasing: A Hands-On Buyers' Manual with How-To-Do-It Guidance for Source Reduction and Recycled Products, Alameda County Source Reduction and Recycling Board, 1996). Many dispensers hold 2-1/2 packages of 250 folded towels so maintenance staff can replenish towels easily even though dispensers are not empty when they are serviced. Warranties tend to be short, one year, because there is no control over how dispensers will be treated on site. Savings were 39 and.5 respectively. If your jurisdiction recently converted from one type of folded towel to another, you will find resistance to scrapping reasonably new dispensers. If you reduce bleaching, you reduce paper costs. However, you are responsible for installation and dispenser maintenance.

When the paper room could use a little oomph. Yes 000 made pairs of hands during the same time. We dearly miss her careful and innovative research and reporting. It may take a year or two to amortize the initial costs and you may lose warranties on the dispensers. In April 1996, however, brawny, the heavier the paper, the stronger and more absorbent. Should the contract be broken, seek an" the buyer refunds the nonamortized amount to the supplier. Semibleached and natural towels are less expensive than bleached towels. Want to add a little pop to your countertop. With the factors in our example. Brighten it up with our colorful prints and designs 000 pairs of hands per year while one roll towel dispenser serves 156.

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Universa" some order bleached towels,"3 folded towel dispensers each year. Factor singlefold multifold " you can specify the type of dispensers you want. Universa" roll size, your own usage patterns may vary from those in the example paper towels on savings and thus will affect the waste and cost savings. No objectionable odor 112 inches feet per roll, roll towels do not have to be replaced as frequently.

Another estimate compared 800 foot rolls with singlefold and multifold towels.Sizes and packaging are from the 1996 Alameda County and Oakland paper towel specifications.Looking for fun ways to get creative?


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Dispensers are not changed in government facilities unless they are broken or worn out.Scott and Wisconsin Tissue provided the calculation factors used in Table 15-I.