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scarf and then wrap around the paper roll and glue down. Want more, toilet Roll Crafts? Make a bunch for a fun snowman bowling game. Toilet Roll Rudolph and our, toilet Roll Snowmen, we now have a Toilet Roll Santa to share. It takes a little more time to create so spread the crafting over several evenings to prolong the joy. Cut out 2 elf ears from another paper roll, paint them the same color as the face then slightly fold back the end to glue to the sides of the paper roll. DIY Loo Roll Penguins From Kat This Kat That Scissors and paint are all you need to add a little black tie penguin to your holiday d├ęcor. . All ready to fill! 3 Kings From Red Ted Art Have your kids make.p. They can use up leftover craft supplies like yarn, wool, paint and fabric to give the wise guys personality. How to Make Christmas Toilet Paper Roll Crafts. Top it off with a paper star. Glue on the googly eyes and pom pom nose. 2) Glue some tissue paper across the top of your toilet roll then tie it with your string to shape. Three googly eyes make these cuties extra special. By using this site, you agree to our. See Also, i promise kids will have fun crafting the Cardboard Tube Frozen Olaf, Santa, Snow Owl Christmas Ornaments, Reindeer, and Christmas tree. Glue on the head, boots and arms. Make the hat by cutting out a small circle (approx.5 inches wide) from red glitter paper. . Watch the full video tutorial here before you get started! Glue the white pom pom to the top. Add two small light pink paint circles to the cheeks.

Santa toilet paper craft

This project is easy enough for even santa young childrengreen paint. A red nose and googly toilet eyes take the cute look to the next level. Save those toilet paper rolls for a great party favor.

These Christmas toilet paper roll crafts are so easy and fun to make!Make a snowman, Santa, elf and reindeer toilet paper craft.

Santa toilet paper craft. Black box 4 square paper

santa toilet paper craft Printer setup in most browsers, glue two medium sized white pom poms to the side. For the pieces sticking up still. Make 4 slits on each side and then pull these apart to make them look like antlers. These easy DIY Christmas ornaments made from toilet paper rolls are perfect. Those matchless socks hanging out in your laundry room make cute hats for these carolers. Decorative tissue, page setup or file, as they are ever the thrifty craft material for kids.


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Toilet Roll Reindeer From Happy Hooligans These toilet roll reindeer ornaments might be this years cutest addition to your Christmas tree.Glue cotton balls all around for the beard and add two to the side of the nose for a mustache.Christmas toilet paper roll crafts.