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option for mod podge. Coat the area well with a varnish first and repeat it several times until the roughness of the surface feels smooth. Method 2 Decoupaging

Wooden Furniture 1 Sand and fill in any holes if you plan to stain or paint the furniture. This technique is great for people just beginning to decoupage or for anyone with a specific design in mind. This is a great option when decoupaging photographs printed on glossy paper. Now you paint on an even layer. This is a great product if you are planning to decoupage an entire piece. Question How can I decoupage paper that is printed on both sides? Check out this post about transferring a drawing.

Almost any surface can be used to create a decoupage project. Use sharp scissors or a craft knife to cut the paper or fabric into what is sublimation transfer paper shapes or an outline. While holding the photo in place with one hand. Re decoupaging a dresser, see that family sign above the photos. Plaid Mod Podge Tools Roller Applicator use to get more even coverage and to cover larger surfaces.

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Tell us more about it, you can use mod podge on wood. So I tore the edges all the way around the photographs. Go here, question Can I decorate a rough surface like a hard case for a guitar. Did cost this summary help you, and more, the wood that I used was just salvaged bits Ive had saved. To ensure less wrinkles make sure to make the fabric tight and press using it onto your surface a little bit at a time. Photos and some rustic wood for quite some time.


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Decoupage is the act of designing items with different papers and different techniques.Using this finish will allow the decoupage to look more like paint and will create a more seamless design.