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between will usually get the inspector killed in the end unless he chooses to flee from Arstotzka. If the player turns over ezic documents. Confiscate Kordon Kallo 's passport

let him in, and give his passport to an ezic agent on day. Papers, Please story mode. If you don't burn it, you'll be reported by your neighbors and lose your savings for phd you "suspicious wealth". Allow Marie Escalli to enter on day. Touching the powder will instantly kill the inspector. The inspector has the opportunity to escape to Obristan on Day. References Edit ezic note on day 8 or 9 ezic note on day 15 A unique message on the end of day screen on day 15 ezic note on day 23 It is possible to kill the man in red when ezic provides a distraction. The eventual fate of the inspector varies depending on where his loyalties are earlier in the game (see below and endings 13, 14, 15, 17, 19 and 20 ). 3 If the inspector accepts either one of those gifts and does not let Stepheni Graire in, ending 4 will occur. Lining these items up in the proper positions will reveal two names: Mikhail Saratov and Stepheni Graire.

An ezic messenger will identify him as the urdu man in red 6 On day 31, stepheni Graire, an ezic messenger appears with a second decoder and a message to allow another Order operative entrance to Arstotzka. The inspector will receive a cipher with a long deadline string of letters and numbers. An ezic messenger will appear today to let the inspector know that the Order plans to attack the border checkpoint today. It claims the main cause of the organization is to free.

Zakon Gwiazdy Ezica, lub w skrócie.Ezic, jest to tajemnicza organizacja występująca w grze, papers, Please.

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S booth, ve review made several other mistakes before he comes along. The ezic agent returns again to offer the inspector a cash gift. Completing four or more ezic tasks can lead to ending. What can is it and what are its effects. Vonel appears and asks the inspector for anything related to ezic.


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This includes giving Corman Drex a note back, accepting bribes, or killing the man in red on day 23 (doing the latter will end the game).If the inspector accepted the ezic gift on either Day 11 or Day 12 and denies this operative entrance to Arstotzka, the game will end on Day 15, unlocking Ending.