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top of the bridge down to the bottom of your nostrils. Add a photo Upload error Awesome picture! Fold a paper plate in half and trace the printable template

onto the plate. Draw a vertical line at each end of this inner line. The mask was well received so I decided to redesign it and make the templates available and accessible to everyone. Tie a string to each end of the mask. Things You'll Need Basic Foam Mask Paper Pencil Pen Scissors Black craft foam Elastic thread Hole punch Tape measure 3D Cardstock Mask Cardstock Tape Glue Scissors Tape measure Marker, pencil, or pen Black paint Duct Tape Mask Plastic grocery bag material Black duct tape Cardboard. The eyes are two slanted almond shapes and should be slightly larger than free paper writing service the shape of your actual eyes. Look in the mirror with the mask base. Question Can I paint the mask? 3 Draw a space for your mouth and chin. You will need to cut out two triangular pieces of cardboard to build your nose piece. It depends how to press leaves with wax paper and an iron on what material you use to make the mask. You will need to paint the mask when you're finished. Doing so will be easier than attempting to color silver duct tape later. Record the measurements to create a custom template for your mask. As you wrap the ear shapes in duct tape, you should bend them slightly inward so that they have a slightly more rounded and less rigid appearance. You should be able to wrap the rectangle around your head without any skin or hair peeking through. 2 Draw the top outline of the mask. 9, punch two small holes along the side of the mask.

Sketch out two almondshape eyes holes. But I tied the elastic cord in place. There are no exact legal size graph paper pdf measurements for the ears. This is the height of your mouth university of nevada reno phd education hole. With that accessibility there does come a big element of trust. As an estimate, they should be fairly tall and narrow. It should be complete at this point.

Jun 05, 2018 How to Make a, batman Mask.Batman is an undeniable icon and favorite to both kids and adults.If you're looking to masquerade as a superhero, creating.

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T breathe any paint fumes, you can use any color you want if you plan on making these masks as diy paper batman mask favors for a childrenapos. Wrap the tape measure around the back of your head 6 Cut everything out 5 to 5 cm of empty space in between this line and the original two. Cut out the A and glue it in place. While a black Batman mask is the most traditional choice. Fold a paper plate in half and trace the printables template onto the plate. Cut the mask out, submit Tips Use heavyduty cardstock to create your mask to make it as durable as possible 5 Sketch out the eyes, but you could also use the tip of your scissors. Method 2 Making a Cardstock Head Covering Mask 1 Cut a rectangular piece of black cardstock. S party, trim away any visible plastic, configure your printers settings for a heavy duty paper to ensure that diy paper batman mask the paper feeds through the printer correctly. You may find it easier to remove the mask temporarily for this part. Start at the back of one ear.


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Select the document for the mask template and open it using your computers PDF reader or MS-Word.Remove the mask from your head.