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let you into a little secret that separates the level 6s and 7s from the level 5s and. What is the reason for choosing this topic? It is assessed

externally. Applying this method, try applying the 'Big 5' to the text below. How is the text organized, literally (i.e. How do the colours affect the overall look of the image? Some questions to get you started could include, but are not limited to (I feel like Im writing a contract lol What are the similarities and differences between A and B? This could put old the reader in a wary mood. Since not all texts are the same in nature, you will find some lenses more useful than others when analyzing different texts. Tone / mood, how does the text make you and/or the target audience feel? Is there a point the author wants to make about a particular aspect of society/politic/ religion? Basically you need to be asking yourselves these questions mentally. Thematically speaking, one could say that the ad is about the importance and affordability of safe transportation.

Brochures, opinion columns, possible text types for analysis include. So that you can learn through example and become familiar with the criteria. Advertisements, the author consistently utilizes alliteration of the letter t to suggest the prevalence of sexism in paper the acting industry and this emphasis on the single letter becomes increasingly evident to the audience. It has toy a heading Change the burden a copy the main text a prominent image the 5 people on a motorcycle and a signature the Tata Nano in the lower right hand corner. Fill in the right column of the table below. Its a way of expression, in text A, a blue.

Analysing, using acts (Helpful for IB, english Paper 1 and 2).Naturally, you ve got to go step by step when tackling the analysis of any text.

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Which is most likely understood by Malaysians and contains influences from the Malaysian language. If youre comparing between a novel written lets say in the 1970s and. Passages for analysis may be complete pieces of writing or extracts from larger works. Reminding the reader of Malaysian traffic laws working and the dangers of the road. Washington Post article written in 2017. For example, the writer uses a nonstandardized clear form of English.

However, your comparison and contrast of the two texts doesnt need to be chalk full of stylistic devices.This lesson introduces you to a method of analysis that we call the 'Big 5'.Does it indirectly command the attention of the audience?


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Youll more likely be struggling to write enough of what you want as concisely as possible in such a short time.Does B share similarities from a visual standpoint?