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glue or small piece of adhesive tape will help to secure this) - the image on the next page. This pretty Easy Angel Crafts Paper Cone Angel sings from her choir book. Inexpensive construction paper would be a good choice for all of the pieces. Your angel or angel choir can sing on a table or other flat surface. Thick paper or thin cardstock will be ideal for making paper angels, very thick cardstock can be difficult to cut and fold. Using similar paper colors or a variety of different colors, you can make an Easy Angel Crafts Paper Cone Angel choir. Tips for Making Paper Angels, here are some ideas and tips for making paper angels: Cut the paper angel template from scrap paper and then use this to transfer the template onto paper - this will allow you to arrange the template on the paper. Angel Project Image Menus: Angel Project Image Menus). Print the paper angel onto paper or thin cardstock. Position the folded hymnal between the two arms with the curves going upward. The little paper paper angels will sit on a table surface and you could also attach a loop to her head to make her into a hanging tree decoration. Using the pattern pieces, cut around each shape in the paper you selected for each piece. How to Decorate the, paper, angels, the angel's dress can be decorated with subtle colors and decorations - or you can really go to town and create a brightly colored dress. With tape or glue, attach the hymnal to the inside of each hand. Those funds help with the maintenance and addition of funEZcrafts projects. It would be easier to add these before the head is inserted into the top of the cone, but the face could become smudged while completing the rest of the angel. Inexpensive, easy and fun, the Easy Angel Crafts Paper Cone Angel project provides enjoyment to children and adults alike. The second angel uses different papers for the robe, face and hair along with the shorter front and back hair shapes. If you're looking for the cutest tree-topper ever, look no further! Set page margins to zero if you have trouble fitting the template on one page (file, page setup or file, printer setup in most browsers). If you use paper, you can glue cotton balls on it to decorate it a bit. The broken line on the pattern shows where the edges of the paper should overlap. Try using decorative paper or scrapbook paper for a quick finish. How to Make the Paper Angels Using the Free Paper Angel Template.

To make an unusual place name holder for a festive dinner. For example, you could, fold the angelapos, s body. Note, glitter glue, wrap the robe shape around the cone with the center of the robe positioned over the lapped paper make a paper cone angel edges at the back of the cone shape. Glue the head onto the top of the cone and the arms onto the side see photo at the top of this page for how it looks when complete.

Position the arms just above the edge of the robe on either side of the head.Tape or glue the arms to the angel shape at the shoulder.

Make a paper cone angel

Paper Cone Angel, color as necessary and cut out the template pieces. Close the template window after printing to return to this screen. Other embellishments such as stickers, pencil or pen, simply cut a shape from the lacy edge of a paper doily and adhere this to the angelapos. S overlapping edge should be at the back of the head shape. Simply cut the shape from the paper and then fold into a cone. Scissors, paper cone angel pattern click here for the Easy Angel Crafts Paper Cone Angel pattern the Steps paper for How to Make the Easy Angel Crafts. Match the front hair shape to the back over the face and attach. But if desired, once you have your base, the angels are easy to make. The tabs will wells hold the head shape inside the cone.

Add a face or other details.Lay the two arm shapes opposite each other.


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Position the arms just above the edge of the robe on either side of the head.Optional:  glitter glue, sparkles, sequins, lace or markers.