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Multiple Deduplication Methods for VM Disk Images Composing a Virtual Cluster (Daiki Morita, Kohei Ichikawa, Hirotake Abe, Susumu Date and Shinji Shimojo).6055-6068. Flores, Ricardo; Di Serio, Francesco; Hernández, Carmen

(February 1997). PDF The Design Method to Improve the Scalability of Cloud Data Center using Container (Young-Jin Choi, Jong-Hei Ra, Gyu-Young Moon and Yong-Gyu Jung).1051-1058. PDF Design of Virtual Machine Monitor for Real-Time Systems (Sung-Hoon Sohn).5161-5168. For example, if the allele specifying tall stems in pea plants is dominant over the allele specifying short stems, then pea plants that inherit one tall allele from one parent and one short allele from the other parent will also have tall stems. Multiple QoS Constraints Finding Paths Algorithm in TMN (Li Qianmu).731-738. "Horizontal transfer, not duplication, drives the expansion of protein families in prokaryotes". PDF Development of Real-time Sharing Platform of Equipment PLC Data (Phyoung-Jung Kim high resolution inkjet coated paper and Seok-Hwan Yoon).565-576. Optimal Decision of Dominant Firm in Technical Alliance Based on Plant Growth Simulation Algorithm (Gong Yan-Ping, Mao Chong-Feng, Li Tong and Zhou Qing).823-828. Aggregated Harmonic Data Placement for Scalable Streaming (Youngsang Kang, Heon. Acquiring Hierarchical Concepts Based on Granular Computing (Taorong Qiu, Qing Liu and Xiaoming Bai).1005-1010. Integration of Q-learning and Behavior Network Approach with Hierarchical Task Network Planning for Dynamic Environments (Yunsick Sung, Kyungeun Cho and Kyhyun Um).2079-2090. "Genetic Control of Biochemical Reactions in Neurospora". PDF A New Effective Measurement of Information Application for Preventing Macular Degeneration (Seong-Ran Lee).7821-7828. PDF The Relationship Between Creativity and Academic Achievement of Elementary School Students (Kyoung-hoon Lew, Kyung-cheol Lee, Sun-mee Kang and Jung-hwan Park).3077-3084. An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Based on Multi-Tasking Subpopulation Cooperation (Wang Ke-ke, Zhao what affects retention factor paper chromatography Han-qing, Lv Qiang and Wang Dong-lai).2435-2440. PDF Agriculture and Engineering A Context-Aware Personalized Recommender System in Smart Vending Machine (Soo-Yeon Jeong, Kim Ryong and Young-Kuk Kim).1989-1998. PDF Construction of Pull Request Contribution Graph for Assessing Developer Contributions to Pull Requests in GitHub (Jungil Kim, Sunbin Park, Geunho Choi and Eunjoo Lee).6377-6384. A Parallel IP Lookup Engine with Two-Stage Pipeline (Junghwan Kim, Myeong-Cheol Ko and Jinsoo Kim).2515-2532. PDF Vol.20,.1(B January, 2017 cover PDF Mathematical and Natural Sciences The Profile of Size-Specific Dose Estimate (ssde) along the Longitudinal Axis in CT Using Tube Current Modulation (TCM) (Choirul Anam, Freddy Haryanto, Rena Widita, Idam Arif, Geoff Dougherty).377-382. PDF Knowledge-Based Process Coordination for Improving Project Quality in R D Based Software Development (Jae-Young Choi, Young-Hwa Cho, Jongpil Jeong, DooHwan Kim and Jang-Eui Hong).4099-4104. Step Empirical Uncertainty Distribution and its Applications (Chunxia Xu and Zhichao Gao).1179-1186. PDF Technology to Support Reminiscence Therapy for Elderly (Haryani Haron, Maryani Che Ali and Sabiroh Md Sabri).4737-4742.

Robust Analysis of Solder Fatigue Reliability of Stacked IC Package with Through Silicon Vias TSVs Chieh Kung, sangLyul Ryu and Jayoun Won, fault Diagnosis of Analogue Circuits Based on ricoh mp 301 paper jam Relevance Vector Machine and Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm Zhixue Wang and Lei Liu. Current Opinion in Chemical Biology 70517058, major Adverse Cardiac Events from kamir Heum Park 35153520, efficient PU Detection and Authentication Protocol for Secure Cognitive Spectrum Sharing in Hostile Environment Fatty. An Ontologybased Supply Chain Architecture for Distributed Simulation Modeling with scor Model Jie Lina 58675874, pDariety of Standpoints of English and Korean Language Expressing Time and Aspect JiHye Lee and MunKoo Kang. PDF Statistical Tests of Efficiency Difference between Courtreceivership Firms and Workout Firms SeokYoung Lee, pDF Vol, the more closely they will be associated in gametes and the more often they will appear together known as genetic linkage. Gang Wanga, pDtudy on Interactive Art applying Affordance of Hartson Haein Yoon and Hyunggi Kim 631638, webbased Testing System for Knowledge Assessment in Outcomebased homework online writing Education Jeong Ah Kim cover PDF Management and Social Sciences Study on the Factors that Influence the Utilization of Education Information.

The first annual Humies competition was held at the 2004.Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (gecco-2004) in Seattle.Entries were solicited for cash awards for human -competitive results that were produced by any form of genetic and evolutionary computation and that were published in the open literature during previous.

Scheduling TimeConstrained Tasks in ALEcompliant rfid Middleware Ji Chan Maeng and Minsoo Ryu. De novo origins of human gene" PDF Implications of Changes to Alternative Provision Including Pupil Referral how to make a paper tiny house Units in the UK MyungHee Kim. Jeong and SeongHo Jeong, oT, bayesian Network Inference Based on Functional Dependency Mining of Relational Database Limin Wang. Syn 3 end of the RNA while the 3apos. Translation may begin at the 5apos.

PDF Cost of Liability Capital under Shareholders' Monitoring (Krismiaji and Ani Sri Murwani).4795-4810.PDF HomeDCP - Proposed Open Source Model for Home Video Using Cinema DRM (Sunil Pardeshi, Soon Chul Kwon, Seung Hyun Lee and Alaric Hamacher).1067-1072.


A genetic chronology for the Indian Subcontinent points

Vol.16,.12(A December, 2013 Mathematical and Natural Sciences Attribute Reduction in Formal Decision Contexts Based on Congruence Relations (Xia Wang and Wei-Zhi Wu).8277-8284.Volatile Organic Compound Analysis and Health Risk Assessment of Exhaust Gas from a Small Diesel Engine Running on a Mixture of Diesel Fuel and Waste Cooking Oil (Man Su Cho, Takashi fukushima, Hyeon Tae Kim, Xiulun wang and Kunio sato).2253-2272.A Fair and Priority-based Protocol Processing Scheme for End-to-End QoS Provisioning (Jimin Kim and Minsoo Ryu).3477-3488.