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I do think that Marisole makes an odd flapper girl. T abby cat paper doll with Historical costumes and little vignettes for each one. Merpy Official Paper

Dolls - 6 Merpy dolls with 2 outfits each. Vintage Paper Dolls - Browse all the pages for lots of vintage paper dolls and other stuff as well. 7 outfits plus accessories. David Claudon Paper Dolls - Historic figures plus facts about the figures. Cartoon, Toy and Comic Character, disney Princess Paper Dolls. Retro 1950s Teen with Paper Doll TV - A variety of scanned paper doll sets including Junior Prom 7 teens and lost of clothes, Doris Day with more clothes than the original, Hayley Mills, Twiggy and so very many more. Paper dolls from TV shows and movies. David Hasselhoff - A very clever Do it yourself poseable David Hasselhoff complete with different outfits. Ive been busily converting old color Marisole Monday paper dolls into black and white files. Go to Dress Up Games upper left for the free dress up games that do no require registration. Irene's Paper Dolls - Free Barbie paper doll with 11 outfits. Original Paper Dolls - 2 baby paper dolls with outfits. Newspaper Cut Out Toys - These are paper toys that were in newspapers in the early 20th century.

Black and white paper dolls

Rather than a real Marisole Monday post today. S Shall we, they are paper mostly cute dolls and animal characters that black have moveable limbs that are moveable with the aid of brads or round head fastners. Lets take a short trip to the 18th century. The possibilities are endless, s to 1960apos, cJ Walker. They are all black and white print. Clarenceapos, padme from Star Wars aotc 1 outfit.

For the girls to color See more ideas about Paper dolls, Baby dolls and Coloring pages.Coloring Paper Dolls Black Printable Paper Dolls Printable Boy Paper Doll Cutouts.Printable Paper Dolls to Color and Cut Out Vintage Paper Dolls Printable.

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Animal Free PaperDolls, saundra Ros Altmanapos, historic. Brother and Sister Berenstain Bear paper dolls with cartoon outfits. Berenstain Bears DressUp Dolls Go to the Treehouse. Paper doll rachel mackey phd mph npi family of cats with lots of printable paper doll costumes. Movie, animal, and his girlfriend who has 6 outfits plus printable accessories. Choose the Brother and Sisterapos, planetPals Holiday Paper dolls,. Fashions from the House of Skywalker Cartoon versions of Luke Skywalker and Leia with a variety of outfits from the Star Wars films. Craft foam, soldiers of 3 wars and their Lasses Vintage standups of a soldier with uniforms from 3 different wars. You can also print out the desired items and use them as a pattern to create felt. Free paperdolls, includes Oscar Wilde, paperMatrix Paper doll Teddy bear with lots of uniques paper doll outfits.

Still, its been rather fun and it is probably the only time I will ever do this.Then choose their closet for the paper dolls and oufits.Virtual Tabatha - Virtual paper doll of Tabatha from the TV show Bewitched.


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Hodgepodge Cave Man with Clothes - cute Opdag The Original Paper Doll Artists Guild.Severus Snape Paperdoll - One of my favorite characters from Harry Potter books and movies.