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olden days, actual rags were used to make papers. Examples of hot press papers include Breathing Colors Optica One or Pura Smooth, whereas Elegance Velvet and Pura Velvet

are cold press papers. See more brands, price,000 1,000 - 1,250 1,250 - 1,500 1,500 - 2,000 2,000 - 2,500 3,000 See more prices Length Less Than. Printing technology has greatly improved in recent years, just as color gamuts have steadily increased. To make matters more confusing, paper selection includes both important scientific data, as well as unquantifiable artistic qualities. Sample Images and My Personal Paper Choices In this final section, I will show some of my images along with information on which paper I would select to print them. All the rage in recent years, metallic inkjet papers have a slight warm tone and high degree of luminance and reflectivity. Due to the ethereal, spiritual feel of this image, I would most likely print it on a cold press paper such as Pura Velvet or Elegance Velvet to bring out the texture of the angel statue and add some texture to the skybound white balls. For more info on Renée you can check out her website. I always recommend that people print the same image on a variety of papers to determine what looks and feels best to them. RC paper surfaces range from glossy to semi-glossy, luster, pearl, satin and more. This of course depends on the lighting conditions under which the print is viewed. Those prints were also more scuff and curl resistant. What you need to do is actually speak to a professional stationer. Click here to download How to Choose an Inkjet Paper for Printing as a PDF! The first, Time Robber, depicts the abandoned Cook Bank building in the ghost mining town of Rhyolite, Nevada. Todays baryta inkjet papers all have a fiber base (either cotton or alpha-cellulose see below the barite provides a smooth reflective coating. Due to the need for a high DMax and smooth tonal transitions, I would choose a fiber-based baryta paper for the image. Tribute to Shorty Goldwell Open Air Museum, Rhyolite, Nevada Printed on Hot Press Natural Cotton Paper A Word About Print Permanence One of the most important characteristics used in paper selection is print permanence. 6 -. This is only a loose guide as to the reasoning behind my own preferences. (Okay, so I took the tour of the Treasury Dept in DC). In the early days of inkjet printing, due to ink technological limitations, if you wanted to print on hefty paper with a fine art feel, you were limited to fine art watercolor papers. Now the baryta papers have set the gold standard for fine photographic papers with incredibly rich blacks, wide gamuts, purist toilet paper holder great contrast and sharpness, and smooth tonal transitions. Matte papers have lower DMax values and do not maintain sharpness like photo papers due to dot gain. Hot and Cold Press Papers Hot press or cold press papers are actually subcategories of cotton fiber or alpha-cellulose papers, and are distinguished by their surface characteristics. Shown Above: Breathing Color Vibrance Metallic Paper.

Would not consider these papers acceptable. One 8x10 paper fan of the most common questions asked by students in printing classes is how to choose a paper for a specific image. I would avoid very bright white papers. For portraits and most color landscapes.

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50 Bright White Smooth Card Paper Sheets - 8" X 10" (8X10 Inches) PhotoPicture-Frame Size - 80# (80 lb/pound) Cover Weight - Quality Paper for Consistency in Print as a Result of the Smooth Finish.White high-quality paper with linen finish for a distinguished look and feel.

Metallic Papers photo 1, followUp Reading If you liked this post. It depends on the mood you are trying to convey and emotional content of each particular image. I print all of my night sky images on baryta or metallic photo papers. VER19, comp, profprod, they deliver deep blacks and white whites. The ink used to print, and are certainly appropriate for a variety of subject matter.


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Due to the metallic content of the truck, this image would work very well on a metallic paper, although it could be argued that any glossy substrate would work.Bright white papers have long been favored by photographers for their deep blacks and great dynamic range.