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the paper very easy and will give you crisp, accurate folds. While youre here why not bookmark our. Seriously so much fun and cuteness! Make some fun, reindeer

sculptures from pasta and pipe cleaners, this paper roll reindeer is always popular. Glue antlers and ears inside the paper craft. More Fun Christmas Ideas To Try. You will need: Card stock in your choice of colour. Attach the antlers to the back of the head. D keep folding the strips over each other until you have used up the length of the paper. 9 Glue on the head and your Printable Accordion Paper Reindeer Craft is ready for playing with. and anything to do with reindeer because they are so cute and magical. Check it out, related Posts. Get the Paper Reindeer Craft With Printable Template. I also hope they will be inspired to design their own festive (or other characters). Fold over your reindeers legs a little at the end to make reindeer hooves paper reindeer for it to stand. this post contains affiliate links these pop open cards are our favorite, the heart shaped flower craft we did a while a go, was a hit so more fun designs were in order. Focus on the horizontal fold you need to tuck. Glue the head into shape by folding the ears upwards, then bending the front part of the oval shape down towards the back part and gluing the side tabs. What you need: our printable template (you can grab it at the very end of this tutorial) coloring supplies (crayons, markers) regular print paper scissors glue craft stick mini clothespin or paper clips clear tape (if you will be using paper clips). Cut out the shapes of the body, head and antlers. Im sure youll agree it is super adorable! You might notice that in the tutorial video Ive cut the shapes out and then scored the fold lines. There were two diagonal folds and one horizontal. 1 Download and print the free paper reindeer craft template (Grab it at the bottom of this post.) 2 Trace around the reindeer craft template onto thick brown paper or thin card. Youll see that it is now a sort of spring that you can push flat or stretch out.

Theres a free printable template and full instructions below and you can also see this printable reindeer craft in action in a short video too. And here are a few more of our Free Christmas Printables too. Next step is a bit tricky to subjects explain best to watch the video tutorial posted above. Ive said it before and Ill say it again. Have the kids color in the template. You cant just have phd one can you.

If you are looking for the sweetest handmade card, this paper reindeer craft with printable template is the cutest.These cute paper reindeer are one of the crafts from the ebook, and you can also buy them as a single product.Posted in take joy in Winter, Christmas, Glue, Reindeer, Shredded, paper.

Watch the paper reindeer video below and scroll down for written instructions. Finish off your reindeer toys face with a winning smile. I have so many happy memories of making things as a kid 8 Repeat the same process with the little strips of paper to make the reindeers tail and glue it into place. Free Printable Antlers, unlock VIP Printables Become a Member. It looks a bit tricky but honestly it is super simple and a great craft technique that Im sure you and the kids will find lots of uses for. Have you read The naughtiest Reindeer 6 When youve made reindeer your reindeers body out of the double accordion fold glue the two ends together and snip off any excess. Reindeer Puppet Cards, now theyre off to play some reindeer games. Make some colourful paper reindeer, this handprint reindeer silhouette art idea is another of the printables available from our shop.

Glue the head to the body.Ive used card stock in a rainbow of colours, but you could also print them onto white and decorate with coloured markers or onto brown with white antlers to look more realistic.B Fold the lower strip over the top of the upper strip.


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This hat is what makes this card so fun as it will hold it closed until the reciever opens it up to read the message.1051shares, we have a wonderful festive treat for you!