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exert effort to keep it down, give it a gentle push and let it wander into the sky. Be aware that the plastic is extremely thin, so it will

not take much to make a hole. For this method, it works best to do it in cold weather. Requirements : Cards : 10 Different Colors, designer Card: 1, cotton String. To hang, pierce more embroidery thread through the top of the balloon from route the inside and tie a knot. 3 Tie a string around the top of the plastic bag. For a finishing touch, glue a bow onto the front of the basket. It should resemble the bottom of a standard balloon. 3, place the long panels in a stack and cut out according to your pattern. Using a star cutter, cut out lots of yellow stars. News : Things to Do on WonderHowTo (07/04 - 07/10). One should be much shorter than the others-about 4 inches long (10 cm). Dont be alarmed if it starts to implode, you can push it back into shape once the balloon is out. Procedure : 1) Fold the 10 colored cards from center and cut then in the question mark shape (?) or you can use the template design balloon TOP. When it reaches that point, give it a gentle push and watch it fly. How To : Make a paper hot finding air balloon, how To : Make a homemade hot air balloon. Cutting pattern (available at Web Weather for Kids 1 scissors, straight pins, rubber cement or glue sticks, pipe cleaners. Anyone who gets clothing professionally cleaned will have these bags. Once knotted well and tied, cut off any extra string. You may find more success in the morning, night, or during winter, depending on your location. It's easiest to do this with the balloon flat. Break off two medium-sized pieces and attach one to each end. How To : 10 Tricks You Need to Use for Better-Tasting Food from Your Microwave. 4) Fold the basket card to make basket and paste its side with double sided tape. If you'd like, you can attach a small tag with your name and address now. Did this article help you? How To : Make an air balloon out of a tea bag. Adjust the bag as necessary to allow the bag to inflate completely. 4, glue the panels together. Do this for seven more panels, for a total of 8 5-foot long panels. How To : 9 Tricks to Keep Your Car Functioning in Freezing Temperatures. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. You're going to start with your pipe cleaners to give it permanent structure. You will also need wire cutters. Glue Stick, scissor, double Sided Tape, hole Punch. If air escapes, the balloon won't fly.

S much better to make this circle too big bt-1 paper form than just barely big enough. Propane stove or other highheat apparatus. Dip your newspaper into the paste and attach them to the blown up balloon. Glue onto the blue part of the balloon. Submit Tips When the balloon is flying. Evenly spaced is a solid number.

Repeat this process for all the pieces left In this case its. So each panel is the same as the others. Leave the ends exposed, theyapos, preschool rainbow paper the bag may melt, the process will go a lot faster and smoother if you grab everything you need before you get started. Make sure they are straight, method 2 With a Garbage Bag and Hair Dryer 1 Get organized.

How To : 10 Clothes Iron Hacks Everyone Should Know (Flatirons Aren't Just for Clothes!).Patch them with pieces of tissue paper cut to fit.5) Cut 4 equal cotton strings, attach them with basket by passing through punch holes and making knots.


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It will start to become buoyant and seem to want to fly.Your Paper-Craft Hot Air Balloon with basket is ready enjoy.