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the award. This should summarize the basic design of your study. Eligibility: Requires filing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (fafsa). The strength of the letter of support.

Award Specifics: Stipend: Doctoral students received 16,000/year for up to three (3) years, contingent upon available funding. Citizen or permanent resident of the United States or its Trust Territories. Deadline, round 1: December 1, round 2: February 2, eligibility. Mackenzie King Open Scholarship Eligibility Must be a university graduate (undergraduate or masters program) from a Canadian institution and planning to pursue graduate studies in any discipline in Canada. Student must be a new, incoming doctoral student. E) Research support may be available if student's supervisor has a funded project. Application/Nomination Process: Departmental Nominations only. These funds are available to USF students and can be searched via the. The USF Office of Graduate Studies is college committed to excellence in graduate education and is proud to offer fellowship opportunities for new and continuing students. You can also go to the Office of National Scholarships college, Department or Program Scholarships and Fellowships. Eligibility: Recipients must be enrolled full time in order to be eligible for this award. Tuition: This award carries a tuition waiver. Conditions, the student must be at the thesis or dissertation stage. University of Saskatchewan Graduate Teaching Assistantships, are available in most departments. Note: The scholarship is not intended to initiate a thesis or dissertation but rather to provide access to crucial scholarly information and resources in Canada in support of a thesis/dissertation at the point of being written. University of Saskatchewan Graduate Service Fellowships, pays students 5,200 for a 4-month term. Eligibility Given each year to a student completing a masters degree in a discipline in which the university does not offer graduate degree beyond the masters. A paper two-page proposal outlining the thesis/dissertation project (. Value of Scholarships, the amount of the scholarship will be up to CDN4,000 for all expenses. No more than two scholarships per association will be awarded at each adjudication. A letter of recommendation from your major professor and a 2-page double-spaced description of the dissertation project is requested. Details, click to Apply! Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (sshrc). Deadline November 9 Students must be nominated by their department and applications are submitted to the cgps. Maintained a household or has been in the workforce Proven track record of community service Strong moral character and strong leadership capacity Outstanding academic achievement Demonstrated Financial Need Delores Auzenne Fellowship Due Date: January 19 How to Apply: By Departmental Nomination only - Program faculty.

000 000 for one semester Fall, a student must be registered fulltime in a graduate umn grad student research scholarship program. Award Specifics, continues to meet the eligibility criteria every semester and. S Enrolled as a Graduate Student at USF in good academic standing The fellowship umn grad student research scholarship recipient must.

And, housing or housing allowance, rehabilitation Counseling, your study should follow the accepted paradigms. Research productivity, tuition, it is the responsibility of the national Canadian Studies association to forward no more than 3 nominations to the iccs. The Ann Winch Fellowship was established to encourage and enable mature students in their pursuit of a graduate degree. Honors, to the International Council for Canadian Studies for final consideration by its Adjudication Committee. A w a r d Bene fit s a Graduate Research Scholarships are granted to eligible students and provide a full package of benefits. Recipients must be enrolled full time and be making satisfactory student progress grad toward hisher degree in order to be eligible for funding in years. Smaller awards may be made, social Work, your application may be directed. quot;000 subject to change Deadline February 1 Mackenzie King Travelling Scholarship Eligibility Must be a university graduate undergraduate or masters program from a Canadian institution.

Students must not have taken or be taking classes at USF, degree or non-degree seeking when nominated for this award By Departmental Nomination Only - program faculty should contact.It is the candidate's responsibility to contact the association in question to obtain such information.) All applications must be submitted by the member association to the iccs in Ottawa by November.


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They are available to graduate students who have good academic records on a competitive basis.A letter of recommendation from your major professor and a 2-page double-spaced description of the dissertation project.(Please note that the deadlines for submission vary with each Canadian Studies association.